Some of the rugs for sale


Zabol is a unique retail experience, re-creating the bazaar experience of the Middle East... but without the sales pressure!

Zabol offers a range of oriental carpets and kilims at various sizes and price points, ranging from authentic nomadic weavings, i.e. woven by nomadic women, to weavings based on nomadic or tribal designs made in the villages and towns of Iran, invariably from tribes that have given up their nomadic existence but continue to keep the traditions of carpet weaving alive.

As an added bonus, feel free to pop in for a turkish coffee, or moroccan mint tea... or maybe something stronger in the evenings. We'd be more than happy to talk to you about rugs or any of the other collectibles available in the showroom. (Just check our opening hours here, or get in touch to make an appointment)

All our items are available on a 24 hour 'appro' basis... so take that special piece home on appro and make sure it fits in with you décor, and if it doesn't quite work, bring it back no questions asked. Alternatively, start with the rug you love first and adjust your décor to fit it! :).